Linking family trajectories and personal networks

TitreLinking family trajectories and personal networks
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuteursGauthier, J-A, Aeby, G, Ramos, V, Cesnuityté, V
ÉditeurWall, K, Widmer, E, Gauthier, J-A, Cesnuityté, V, Gouveia, R
Book TitleFamilies and personal network: An international comparative perspective
Series TitlePalgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Place PublishedLondon, United Kingdom
Mots-clésComparative analysis, international comparison, life course, life trajectories, Lithuania, Network analysis, personal networks, Portugal, sequence analysis, Switzerland

The share of family and non-family ties in personal networks varies not only across the life course following major transitions and events but also according to the type of welfare state in which individual lives unfold. Using network and sequence analyses, this chapter investigates for two birth cohorts (1950–1955 and 1970–1975) how the composition of personal networks is influenced by past co-residence trajectories (from 1990 to 2010) in three European countries (Switzerland, Portugal, and Lithuania). The resulting co-residence trajectories capture a great variety of situations characterized by conjugal status as well as the presence and age of children. Network analyses reveal a focus on the nuclear family of procreation, although highlighting national differences regarding the inclusion of extended kin and non-kin.