Educación, equidad y creencias distributivas: Evidencias del caso chileno

TitreEducación, equidad y creencias distributivas: Evidencias del caso chileno
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuteursCastillo, JC, Madero Cabib, I, Miranda, D
JournalSociedad Hoy
Mots-clésdistributive beliefs, equity, higher education, International Social Survey Program

During the year 2011, Chile has been scenario of several student’s demonstrations claiming for more equity in the access to the higher education. The high support to the protests by the side of the general population (nearly 89% of approval in public opinion polls) seems to suggest the existence of a large consensus about the weaknesses of the Chilean educative model, a model that would challenge the traditional ideals of meritocracy and social mobility that are at the core of the educational systems in modern societies. In this context, a question that remains open is to what extent these claims are mostly based on consensual equality ideals, or whether they are influenced by individual socio-economic determinants vis-à-vis rational motives. Using data of the social inequality module International Social Survey Program (ISSP) of 2009, this research analyzes perceptions and beliefs about education and the distributive system as well as the influence of income and educational variables, through a structural equation modeling framework. Preliminary results indicate the presence of socioeconomic cleavages in relation to the fairness of the educational system, questioning the assumption about a normative consensus.

Refereed DesignationRefereed