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Olga Ganjour

Post-doc researcher
Member of CORE, Member of IP5


Université de Genève
Institut de recherches sociologiques
Uni Mail
Av. du Pont d'Arve 40
1211 Genève 4

LIVES Publications

Widmer, E., Viry, G., & Ganjour, O.. (2018). The intricacies of space and inclusiveness in family and personal networks. Dans O. Kapella, Schneider, N., & Rost, H. (Éd.), Familie – Bildung – Migration. Familienforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis. Leverkusen, Deutschland: Verlag Barbara Budrich.
Ganjour, O., & Widmer, E.. (2017). Family salience across nations: Configurations of morphological conditions. Dans Family continuity and change (First., p. 33-59). London, United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan.
PDF icon Chapter (PDF) (3.34 Mo)
Ganjour, O., Gauthier, J. - A., Le Goff, J. - M., & Studer, M.. (2016). Gender inequality regarding retirement benefits. Dans G. Ritschard (Éd.), Procedings of the International conference on sequence analysis and related methods (LaCOSA II) (p. 693-716). Lausanne, Switzerland: NCCR LIVES.
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Widmer, E., & Ganjour, O.. (2017). Family salience across nations: Configurations of morphological conditions. Dans V. Cesnuityté, Lück, D., & Widmer, E. (Éd.), Family continuity and change: Contemporary European perspectives (p. 33-59). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.
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