Resources on gender awareness and early academic careers

On 24-25 November 2016, a conference entitled “Early academic careers in times of uncertainty: Challenges for gender equality policies and practices” was held at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). Organised by the EU research project GARCIA (Gendering the academy and research: Combating career instability and asymmetries), the LIVES Equality Programme and the UNIL Equality Office (BEC), with the support of the Gender Studies Platform (PlaGe) and the Social Science Institute (ISS), this event gathered gender studies specialists and equal opportunity experts from different countries.

This event was the Swiss national conference of GARCIA project, directed by Prof. Nicky Le Feuvre. Dedicated to fighting against gender stereotypes and promoting an egalitarian gender culture in European universities, the GARCIA project ended in January 2017. Working papers and other publications from the GARCIA project can be accessed here.

Here is a list of resources and a selection of the presentations from this very interesting event.

Materials presented during the conference

"Action Plans can make Elephants dance! Findings from Swiss Universities" - Julia Nentwich

"Analyse de l'égalité salariale entre femmes et hommes à l'Université de Genève" - Vahan Garibian

"The careers of young researchers in Switzerland: between individual trajectories and (micro-) organizational policies" - Farinaz Fassa, María del Río Carral and Pierre Bataille

Related resources

Academic elites in Switzerland 1910-2000: between autonomy and power - Felix Bühlmann

A study on gender inequalities in early academic career with innovative sequential data analysis methods (IN FRENCH) - Matthias Studer

Brochure and webpage on non-sexist language (IN FRENCH) - Pascal Gygax and UNIL Equality Office

Evaluation of the Swiss Equal Opportunities in Universities Federal Programme, 2008-2011 (IN GERMAN, SUMMARY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH) - Philipp Dubach

Swiss Equal Opportunities in Universities Federal Programme

Following up on mentees: an on-line survey of the participants in the 2004-2007 mentoring programme (IN GERMAN, SUMMARY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH) - Philipp Dubach

FORS Research study on worklife balance at the University of Lausanne (IN FRENCH) - Boris Werli in collaboration with Nicolas Pekari and Denise Bloch

GARCIA toolkit on Gender budgeting in academia - Finnborg S. Steinthorsdottir, Thamar M. Hejistra, Thorgedur Einarsdottir and Gyda M. Petursdottir

Online petition "For research! An appeal from researchers of Swiss universitites"

PRO-ÉGALITÉ.CH, an online tool for promoting gender equality in mangement and HR (IN FRENCH OR GERMAN) - Yves Emery, Mariella Treffiletti, Noémi Martin and Aurore Kiss

Psycho-sociological study on academic careers at the University of Geneva (IN FRENCH) - Klea Faniko

Research study on pay equality at the University of Geneva (IN FRENCH) - Vahan Garibian

Should I stay or should I go? The effects of precariousness on the gendered career aspirations of postdocs in Switzerland - Pierre Bataille, Nicky Le Feuvre and Sabine Kradolfer

SNSF research policy on gender equality

Statistical monitoring of equality at the University of Lausanne (online charts and report) (IN FRENCH) - UNIL Equality Office

Supporting early career researchers through Gender Action Plans. A design and methodological toolkit - Rossela Bozzon, Annalisa Murgia and Barbara Poggio

Toolkit and video on gender bias in professorial recruitment procedures (IN FRENCH) - UNIL Equality Office