Photo Hugues Siegenthaler

Yann Bochsler

PhD Student
Member of IP1


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
School of Social Work
Institute for Social Planning and Urban Development
Thiersteinerallee 57
CH-4053 Basel

Robin Casse

PhD Student
Member of IP6

Dorian Kessler

PhD Student
Member of IP208


Berner Fachhochschule
Soziale Arbeit
Hallerstrasse 8
CH-3012 Bern

LIVES Publications

Kessler, D. (2018). The Consequences Of Divorce For Mothers And Fathers: Unequal But Converging?. LIVES Working Paper, 1-30. doi:
PDF icon Article (PDF) (633.6 Ko)
Maïlys Korber

Maïlys Korber

Member of IP204


University of Lausanne
Life Course and Social Inequality Research Centre (LINES)
Geopolis Building
CH-1015 Lausanne

LIVES Publications

Korber, M., & Oesch, D.. (2016). Does Vocational Education Give a Happy Start and a Lousy End to Careers?. LIVES Working Paper, 57, 40. doi:
PDF icon Article (1.39 Mo)