Lone parenthood in the life course

TitleLone parenthood in the life course
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
Series EditorBernardi, L, Mortelmans, D
Series TitleLife Course and Social Policies
Place PublishedNew York, USA
Keywordscomparative research, family, life course, lone parents, poverty

Lone parenthood is an increasing reality in the XXI century, reinforced by the diffusion of divorce and separation. Despite the significance of this phenomenon, current studies and official statistics say relatively little about the process leading to lone parenthood, the nature of such living arrangement (whether it is transitory, stable, or recurrent) and the end of it. This book offers new insights in the lives of lone parents from a wide number of angles: first, it addresses the definition of lone parenthood as family form and its challenges; it explores the social representations of lone parents; it measures and explains pathways in and out of lone parenthood, the trajectories of lone parents in terms of income, poverty, labor market behavior, wellbeing, and health. When possible, these aspects are addressed in a comparative perspective. The experts in the book come from many disciplines and backgrounds and throw new light on lone parenthood, too often reduced to a state of poverty profiting from welfare benefits. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the authors in the volume show that lone parenthood is a heterogeneous world of mothers and fathers dealing with specific difficulties and developing specific strategies and perspectives on parenthood and family to overcome such difficulties.

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