Exploring differences in well-being across occupation type and skill.

TitleExploring differences in well-being across occupation type and skill.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHofmann, J, Gander, F, Ruch, W
JournalTranslational Issues in Psychological Science
ISSN2332-2179, 2332-2136
Keywordsengagement, life satisfaction, meaning, occupation, orientations to happiness

This article could show that the three orientations to happiness predict life satisfaction in all types of jobs. Thus, the orientations to happiness may be used for interventions aiming at increasing well-being in the workplace. It is suggested that in low skill level occupations, engagement and meaning should be increased, while for high skill occupations, no differences in the orientations to happiness were identified. Thus, all orientations may be trained with an equal focus in order to achieve a “full life” and increase well-being in the workplace.