Democratization of ageing: also a reality for elderly immigrants?

TitleDemocratization of ageing: also a reality for elderly immigrants?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBolzman, C
JournalEuropean Journal of Social Work
Date Published09/2011
Keywordsaccess to social services, elderly immigrants, inequalities, social and health situation, social security, Switzerland

Various papers published in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe have highlighted an improvement in the living conditions of new cohorts reaching retirement age. This paper examines whether this general trend to old age democratization applies also to elderly immigrants. It reviews some dimensions of the older immigrant population situation in Switzerland. It explores mainly their socio-economic and health situation. The article also examines their access to social security and to social services for elderly people. It reports selected findings from two original surveys carried in Switzerland in the 1990s (Pre-Retired Immigrants study, PRI) and the 2000s (Minority Elderly Care study, MEC) on older Italian, Spanish and former Yugoslavians citizens who are residents in the country. The article gives also more general information about Swiss social security and social work with older populations.

Short TitleEuropean Journal of Social Work
Refereed DesignationRefereed