Corps Légitime

TitleCorps Légitime
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLe Goff, IBoni-
Book TitleEncyclopédie critique du genre
PublisherLa Découverte
Place PublishedParis, France
Keywordsbody, gender, hegemonic masculinity, intersectionality

How are gender, « race » and class constantly involving and producing a social hierarchy of bodies, that contributes to differentiate individuals and social groups through their body attributes, their sanity practices, their beauty norms ? By studying « legitimate bodies », this paper deals with the socio historical processes involved in the making and the naturalization of differences between bodies, especially between masculine and feminine bodies, but also between « white » and racialized bodies. It studies how the invention and the celebration of a « genuine masculinity » and the control and medicalization of women’s bodies have interacted and have nurtured one another up to the contemporary period. It also emphasizes how – in very different contexts of socialization such as children’s education and labor markets - norms and images related to legitimate and dominating bodies are constantly produced and how these norms and images circulate and « do » gender, « race » and class.

Refereed DesignationRefereed