Coping strategies under uncertain, precarious employment conditions in Switzerland

TitleCoping strategies under uncertain, precarious employment conditions in Switzerland
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHanappi, D, Ryser, V-A, Bernardi, L
JournalFamilies and societies
Date Published06/2014
Place PublishedStockholm
Keywordsfertility, gender, job quality, panel data, work-family conflict

This report provides insights on childbearing decisions seen as outcomes of coping strategies in work and family reconciliation under economic uncertainty and precariousness within the single-country setting, Switzerland. To more clearly understand the linkage between institutional context, employment uncertainty and childbearing decisions of both genders, our report addresses the relationship between employment and childbearing intentions—as the early onset of childbearing decision-making—focusing on how men’s and women’s subjective perceptions about job stability and job prestige relate to fertility intentions and how gender role attitudes moderate this relationship. Empirical findings from the Swiss Household Panel (SHP), where we estimate separate models of fertility intentions for men and women without children and for those with at least one child, show that instable jobs are significantly and negatively associated with the intention of having a first child for women. The effect of job prestige is more complex and mediated by gender role attitudes.