Maël Dif-Pradalier

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LIVES Publications

Rosenstein, E., Dif-Pradalier, M., & Bonvin, J. - M.. (2015). Vocational training as an integration opportunity? A Swiss case study on struggling young adults. In H. - U. Otto, Atzmüller, R., Berthet, T., Bifulco, L., Bonvin, J. - M., Chiappero-Martinetti, E., et al. (Eds.), Facing trajectories from school to work – Towards a capability-friendly youth policy in Europe (pp. 237-248). Dordrecht: Springer.
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Bonvin, J. - M., Dif-Pradalier, M., & Moachon, E.. (2013). A capability approach to restructuring processes: Lessons from a Swiss and a French case study. International Journal of Manpower, 34, 382-396. doi:10.1108/IJM-05-2013-0096
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Bonvin, J. - M., Dif-Pradalier, M., & Rosenstein, E.. (2013). Trajectoires de jeunes bénéficiaires de l'aide sociale en Suisse. Agora débats/jeunesses, 65(3), 61. doi:10.3917/agora.065.0061
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