Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all websites of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES (NCCR LIVES): lives-nccr.ch.

1. References and links to other websites

References and links to other websites are for information only. Responsibility for the content, form and services offered by such sites rests entirely with their authors. NCCR LIVES cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for what appears on those websites.

2. Data protection

Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation and the law of the canton of Vaud on the protection of personal data, together with its implementing regulations, establish that all persons have the right to protection of their privacy, as well as protection against misuse of personal and sensitive data concerning them. NCCR LIVES strictly complies with these provisions.

Personal data is treated confidentially and is not sold to or shared with any third party without the prior permission of the person concerned.

No personal data is stored when accessing the home page. The NCCR LIVES servers only store non-personal statistical data, by means of cookies, to analyse the quality perception of its services (files, logs). The servers use Google Analytics to analyse the site's user profile and improve its content. Usage data is not linked to personal data. For more information about the Google Analytics confidentiality rules, visit the Google Analytics website.

These rules do not apply, however, when contact is made voluntarily.

Email addresses and other data that makes it possible to identify a person will not be shared with entities external to NCCR LIVES or the management of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) without the prior permission of the persons concerned. Any complaints will be forwarded to the UNIL Legal Department and the persons concerned, to be dealt with in line with the procedures in place at UNIL.

3. Copyright

All documents produced by NCCR LIVES are copyrighted: Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES, 2011-2022.

Information on NCCR LIVES websites is made available to users. The downloading or copying of text, illustrations, photographs, videos or other data does not entail any transfer of rights on the content, or any other right such as retransmission.

The copyrights and all other rights linked to the texts, illustrations, photographs and other data placed on the websites of NCCR LIVES are the exclusive property of NCCR LIVES or of the expressly mentioned owners. Any reproduction or redistribution is subject to the prior written permission of the rights holder.

4. Access to protected content

Some parts of the NCCR LIVES website are protected by individual access permissions. Such permissions are granted to named individuals and are non-transferable. In justified cases, NCCR LIVES may grant access to non-members. Access requests must be submitted, in writing, to the webmaster (it@lives-nccr.ch), who will decide whether to accept or deny the request, in agreement with the management team. This decision will be final.

NCCR LIVES publishes articles produced by its researchers on its website; access to those articles is generally password protected. This practice has been introduced due to the contracts in place between some publishers and their authors, which prohibit the free dissemination of articles published by those publishers. However, the contracts imposed by the publishers generally permit person-to-person distribution, provided that it is not public.

We authorise LIVES members to share their access with their contacts, as they would do legally by sending a copy of their article to someone who has requested it, expressly mentioning the restriction on distribution and retransmission. NCCR LIVES therefore asks that accesses are not shared publicly (e.g. on a third-party website or in a distribution list, newsletter, etc.). Under these arrangements, access to the knowledge produced by NCCR LIVES should be broadly available.

Lausanne, December 2014