Lone Parenthood Project - Team


Over the years, the project team has been nurtured by a dozen researchers from different disciplines who have brought complementary perspectives and expertise to the project.

Current Members

Laura Bernardi (since 2012)

I have been leading the project since its launch in 2012, ensuring overall coordination, team management, search for financial resources and dissemination of results among academic and non-academic audiences. I was responsible for the design of the project in 2012, including its pilot. I then coordinated the development of the interview guide, as well as the recruitment of participants for Wave 1 interviews and oversaw the design of Wave 2 and 3. More generally, I led the conduct of all waves of data collection and analysis. I also wrote, in collaboration with the team, several scientific papers based on the interviews but also on large national survey databases. Finally, I was in charge of all the promotion, firstly concerning the comparative aspects of the project through the co-direction of an international book on lone-parenthood, and secondly concerning the collaborations with different institutional or associative partners in relation to single-parent families. It is with enthusiasm that we are preparing Wave 4, which is planned for 2020. 

Núria Sánchez Mira (since 2018)

I joined the project during 2018, when the third wave had just started. Under the direction of Laura Bernardi, I was in charge of coordinating the fieldwork, in order to meet the objectives, deadlines and processes. Then, I was in charge of the analysis of the project data, as well as the valorisation of the results through various scientific papers. I was also in charge of co-developing and coordinating the survey results of this wave, in order to provide feedback to the participants. I also participated in the design of the fourth wave of the qualitative study.

Cléolia Sabot (since 2020)

Kevin Roulin (since 2016)

I joined the project in 2016 for the check of the transcripts of Wave 2 interviews and sorting for analysis. Then I collaborated on the design of the interview grid for Wave 3. I then took care of recontacting all the interlocutors from Wave 2 to invite them to continue the project and took care of the interviews for Wave 3. I participated, with the team in place, in proposing lines of thoughts and results following the analysis of Wave 3. I also participated in the design of the fourth wave of the field research.


Former members

Ornella Larenza (2014 - 2018)

Present in the survey for Wave 2 and Wave 3, I collaborated with the team, under the direction of Laura Bernardi, to manage the project during the design and implementation of Wave 2 in 2015. First, I developed the questions for Wave 2 field work. I also got back in touch with all the interlocutors of Wave 1 to ask them to continue the project. I then conducted the interviews for Wave 2. In a third time, I analysed the data after the collection, as well as proposed reflections following the results of this survey. I then participated in the elaboration of the interview grid for Wave 3 and followed the team in the different reflections and questions of the project. My doctoral thesis, defended in 2019, concerns this work and shows the vulnerability of single parents to public policies.

Claudia Hoffman-Recksiedler (2017)

I participated in the project in 2017, as part of my postdoctoral training at the University of Lausanne. My work in this project focused mainly on the analysis of survey data concerning the health of single parents. In particular, I focused on studying the links between re-partnering and health, as well as the emergence and effects of different types of childcare arrangements after parental separation.

Emanuela Struffolino (2014-2015)

I joined the project in 2014 and was mainly involved in the analysis of statistical data on the labour market participation of single mothers. In collaboration with other team members, I analysed the employment patterns of single mothers and the individual and family characteristics associated with them in the Swiss and Belgian contexts. In the case of Switzerland, we examined the differences between migrant and native single parents and the association between employment, education, and health of couple and single mothers. The empirical analyses used longitudinal data from different sources in combination with qualitative information from the longitudinal qualitative study.

Cornelia Hummel (2012 - 2013)

I was involved at the beginning of the project, in 2012-2013, and carried out the following tasks in collaboration with the rest of the team and under the direction of Laura Bernardi : developing the interview guide, recruiting participants and conducting the interviews for Wave 1 of the pilot sample in 2012 (20 interviews) and Wave 2 of the pilot in 2013, recruiting, developing the final interview guide and conducting the interviews for Wave 1 of the main sample in 2013, hiring transcribers and supervising the transcription of the pilot and main sample interviews, maintaining the participant lists and the material collected until the transfer of the data to the team at the end of 2013.

Other collaborators - field investigators during the course of the project

  • Marieke Voorpostel
  • Anne Dupanloup
  • Nasser Tafferant
  • Noémie Vanoli
  • Naike Bochatay
  • Aurélie Jolia
  • Maria Zhabrova
  • Marine Girardin