Equal Opportunity (EO) Measures

Although women have been gaining ground at LIVES — particularly as doctoral candidates — women remain underrepresented in the upper echelons of academia. This observation corroborates the results of larger-scale surveys undertaken at Swiss universities, particularly the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne.

Since it was founded, support for women's careers has been a priority at NCCR LIVES, which puts forward and implements several measures for supporting equality:

  • Ensure that recruitment complies with the Equality Directives and the Action Plans adopted by LIVES' host universities, (Lausanne and Geneva)
  • Provide all senior employees the opportunity to participate in an equality awareness workshop.
  • Encourage female employees (both junior and senior) to participate in at least one of the women's career promotion programs available at the universities they are affiliated with.
  • Inform all employees about the parenting support programs made available to them by the host universities, the SNSF and the NCCR LIVES
  • Include training modules on gender issues within the activities of the LIVES doctoral program

Contact : Sabine.KradolferMorales@unil.ch or equality@lives-nccr.ch