The effectiveness of a tactical games approach in the teaching of invasion games

TitleThe effectiveness of a tactical games approach in the teaching of invasion games
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGouveia, ÉR, Gouveia, BR, Marques, A, Kliegel, M, Rodrigues, A, Prudente, J, Lopes, H, Ihle, A
JournalJournal of Physical Education and Sport
ISSN22478051, 2247806X

Purpose: The main purposes of this study were (a) to assess the effectiveness of the tactical games approach on students’ invasion game performance when compared to the technique-oriented approach, and (b) to investigate whether there was a difference in motor engagement time (MET) between the both pedagogical approaches. Method: The sample consisted of 79 students (13-16 years), allocated to the Intervention Group (IG) following the tactical games protocol, or to the Control Group (CG) following the technique-oriented approach. Psychomotor performance was assessed by the Game Performance Assessment Instrument. MET was assessed by direct observation. Results: Both pedagogical approaches promoted off- and on-the-ball movement over eight consecutive weeks. Comparing the effectiveness of these two teaching approaches, no difference was found. However, collapsed across the two time points, students had better on-the-ball decision-making in the tactical games approach, as well as more MET. Conclusion: Continued replication of this research including long term follow-up is necessary to further strengthen the generalizability of these findings across alternative school contexts.