Cognitive function and its associations in older adults from Amazonas, Brazil

TitleCognitive function and its associations in older adults from Amazonas, Brazil
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTinôco, MAntonieta, Gouveia, ÉRúbio, Ihle, A, Kliegel, M, Jurema, J, Machado, FTeles, Odim, APinto, Muniz, BRégia, Ribeiro, EEsteves, Gouveia, BRaquel, Freitas, DLuís
JournalRevista Brasileira de Atividade Física & Saúde

The objectives of this study were: (1) to investigate the age-related differences in cognitive function (CF), nutritional status (MNA), physical activity (AF), quality of life (QoL), depression, social sat- isfaction (SS) and socioeconomic status (SES), and (2) to explore the relationships between CF and the previous variables. This cross sectional study included 268 men and 433 women (aged 71.4 ± 7.0 years). CF was determined with the Cognitive Telephone Screening Instrument (COGTEL) and the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). Correlates were as follows: Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA), PA (Baecke questionnaire modified for older adults), Quality of life (QoL SF- 12), Geriatrics Depression Scale (GDS), Satisfaction and Social Support Scale, and Socioeconomic status (SES). All instruments were applied in a face to face interview. An independent t-test identi- fied significantly higher scores in young-old adults (≤ 69 years) for CF (p