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Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality: 6th volume of our Springer Series in open access

This book portrays men’s experiences of home alone leave and how it affects their lives and family gender roles in different policy contexts and explores how this unique parental leave design is implemented in these contrasting policy regimes. Edited by Margaret O'Brien from UCL Institute of Education and Karin Wall from ICS - Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, the publication also contains a chapter by our former PhD student Isabel Valarino on the situation in Switzerland.

Drawing on empirical data from in-depth interviews with fathers across eleven countries, Comparative Perspectives on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality shows that the experiences and social processes associated with fathers’ home alone leave involve a diversity of trends, revealing both innovations and absence of change, including pluralization as well as the constraining influence of policy, gender, and social context.

As a theoretical and empirical book it raises important issues on modernization of the life course and the family in contemporary societies. The book will be of particular interest to scholars in comparing western societies and welfare states as well as to scholars seeking to understand changing work-life policies and family life in societies with different social and historical pathways.

The Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES is happy that the publication includes a chapter by Isabel Valarino, entitled "Fathers on Leave Alone in Switzerland: Agents of Social Change?", drawing on research she initiated for her PhD thesis within LIVES and is now continuing.

That is the 6th volume of the NCCR LIVES edited Springer Series on Life Course Research and Social Policies, and it is now available in open access.

>> O'Brien, Margaret & Wall, Karin (Eds.) (2016). Comparative Perspectives on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality. New York, USA: Springer, Life Course Research and Social Policies. Vol. 6.