"Understanding Social Dynamics: 20 Years of the Swiss Household Panel", Special issue 2020, Swiss Journal of Sociology - delay: 20th December 2018

To celebrate 20 Years of the Swiss Household Panel, the Swiss Journal of Sociology publishes a special issue on the topic "Understanding Social Dynamics: 20 Years of the Swiss Household Panel". The deadline to submit an abstract (proposing an idea for an article) has now been extened until the 20th December 2018.

In 2019, the Swiss Household Panel celebrates its 20th Birthday. On this occasion, we invite for contributions to an anniversary issue of the Swiss Journal of Sociology. The contributions should focus on social dynamics and make use of the longitudinal character of the panel data.

Panel studies have unique analytical advantages. They are essential to understand processes of mobility and inertia. In particular they make it possible to: (a) measure and analyse social change; (b) distinguish between permanent and transitory characteristics of a given phenomenon; and (c) study both intergenerational and intragenerational patterns of phenomena such as poverty, income dynamics, health conditions and practices or political positioning. In addition, they allow researchers to establish (robust) causal relationships between social phenomena. Household panels also allow for intra-household studies, such as the study of mutual influence of household members’ attitudes and behaviours over time. Panel data are therefore important for both academic research and for monitoring and evaluating policies.
For the special issue “Understanding Social Dynamics” of the Swiss Journal of Sociology, we welcome substantive contributions from different conceptual and theoretical horizons, addressing topics such as education, employment, material reward, health, social networks, integration, political behaviour, or attitudes and values. Comparative analyses based on the Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) are particularly welcome.
Please submit your proposal for a contribution to Robin Tillmann (robin.tillmann@fors.unil.ch) by 20 December 2018.