New issue of LIVES Impact: "Mental Health through Internet-basd Intervention? Using LIVIA to overcome grief"

Mental health services are rapidly adapting to the digital age, offering an increasing number of internet-based interventions such as LIVIA. Aimed at people experiencing prolonged grief symptoms due to the loss of a spouse, LIVIA offers similar advantages to other internet-based interventions. Therefore, the timing and pace of the intervention can be determined individually. Moreover, IBIs such as LIVIA also offer a high level of anonymity, removing barriers to counselling or therapy due to stigmatization.

Key messages

  • Internet-based interventions in mental health such as LIVIA are easy to access, affordable, offer a high degree of anonymity and reduce stigmatization associated with traditional face-to-face therapies/interventions.

  • Consisting of 10 weekly sessions, LIVIA has been shown to reduce grief, depression and psychological distress whilst increasing satisfaction with life among older adults experiencing prolonged grief symptoms.

  • Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy, LIVIA is effective after spousal bereavement and separation/divorce also for individuals with less severe grief symptoms, making it suitable for indicated prevention.


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