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A LIVES PhD student won an award at a European conference

Jonathan Zufferey, whose thesis project focuses on the evolution of the mortality of migrants in Switzerland over the last 20 years, won a prize for a poster presented in Sweden at the 2012 Conference of the European Association for Population Studies.

Several members of the NCCR LIVES - Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives - were present at the European Population Conference 2012 in Stockholm from June 13 to 16. Michel Oris, Co-director of the Center, Reto Schumacher, postdoc, as well as Sandra Constantin and Adrian Remund, doctoral students, gave oral presentations.

Jonathan Zufferey, LIVES PhD student based at the University of Geneva and member of IP14, won an award for his poster entitled:  “Differences in migrants mortality: for a multilevel approach of spatial inequalities using a fine granularity. An application to Switzerland, 1990-2008".

His thesis project starts from the "Migrant paradox" developed especially by Ana Abraido-Lanza, stating that migrants have a higher life expectancy compared to the indigenous population despite an often lower socioeconomic status.

Comparing this theory with data from the Swiss National Cohort, Jonathan Zufferey noted that in Switzerland “the natives have homogeneous spatial regimes of mortality”, whereas “an important differential appears for migrants”, with a high heterogeneity intra-regions. The PhD student thus proposes to use “a multilevel approach on migrant mortality using a fine granularity with environmental and sociocultural factors at a local scale”. This should allow a better understanding of the migrant mortality.

See the poster of Jonathan Zufferey