Life course approach presented at the SSS Congress

Life course approach presented at the SSS Congress

The 9th Congress of the Swiss Sociological Society will be held June 26-28, 2013 at the University of Bern. It is devoted to the topic “Inequality and Integration in Times of Crisis”. Almost 40 researchers working at the LIVES national research center will be contributing.

Chaired by Eric Widmer, professor at the University of Geneva and head of IP8 at the NCCR LIVES, the Swiss Sociological Society will present many contributions by academics involved in LIVES projects at the 2013 Congress, organized by the University of Bern Institute of Sociology.

Thursday, June 27

On June 27, a plenary session (B5) will be devoted to “La jeunesse en temps de crise. De catégorie dangereuse à catégorie à problèmes?” This is organized by members of IP5 at the NCCR LIVES: Jean-Pierre Tabin, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Jean-François Bickel and Felix Bühlmann. At this session, a research project by IP9 at LIVES will be presented by Christian Staerklé: "Inégalités, vulnérabilités et régulation de projets de vie des jeunes : Une approche psychosociale" (with Alain Clémence, Véronique Eicher, Mouna Bakouri and Marlène Carvalhosa Barbosa). Another presentation, "Les conséquences sociales de l’utilisation de la catégorie ‘jeunes en difficulté’", will be given by Jean-Pierre Tabin (with Anne Perriard).

A workshop (A01) organized for the same day by Jacques-Antoine Gauthier and called "Life course poverty and vulnerability" will feature Nora Dasoki presenting "Trajectoires de bonheur et de vulnérabilité: l’évaluation rétrospective du parcours de vie" (with Davide Morselli and Dario Spini). Anna von Ow will present “Overcoming a critical life course event – how relevant are social contacts for unemployed individuals’ return to jobs?” Finally, Felix Bühlmann will review “Trajectories of Vulnerability in Switzerland”.

Another workshop (B01) organized by Jacques-Antoine Gauthier will cover “Life course and personal relationships”.

At the workshop (A04), “Des mesures d’insertion professionnelle au workfare : études de cas en débats”, Laura Galhano and Anne Perriard will present “Des catégories de la vulnérabilité sociale aux pratiques de recrutement des entreprises”.

The workshop (B11) covering “Modelle sozialer Ungleichheit (DGS - Sektion Modellbildung und Simulation)" will provide Isabel Baumann an opportunity to explain "How to survey displaced industrial workers in Switzerland: survey bias and ways around it" (with Daniel Oesch and Caroline Vandenplas).

Friday, June 28

On June 28, the plenary session (C5) "Integration of Migrants in Comparative Perspective" will welcome Laura Bernardi for "Comparing Integration of first and second generation migrants" (with Claudio Bolzman).

Then the workshop (C01) devoted to "Life course, occupation and mobility", organized by Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, will include Andrés Guarin on: "Access to the labor market among second-generation immigrants in Switzerland".

In the workshop (C03) on "Family diversity, new family forms and inequality", Manuela Schicka will present "What Determines Inequalities in Conjugal Quality? A Configurational Approach to Explain Differences in Relationship Outcomes"; Nasser Tafferant "Parcours dans la monoparentalité"; and Nadia Girardin "Intentions and practices of Swiss couples regarding childcare solutions during transition to parenthood" (with Jean-Marie Le Goff).

Workshop (C07), “Unsicherheit und Abstiegsängste – Wie reagiert die Mittelschicht auf die Krise? Empirische Analysen von Handlungsstrategien” will feature Daniel Oesch asking "Is the middle class declining? An empirical analysis of occupational change in Western Europe since 1990".

Workshop (C16), organized mainly by Jean-François Bickel, will go into "Enjeux de l’évolution des politiques suisses de la retraite". Laure Kaeser will present "Discours et politiques du ‘vieillissement actif’ à l’épreuve des réalités vécues”.

At workshop (D01), covering "Life course and later life" and again organized by Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Ignacio Madero Cabib will present "The transition to retirement in Switzerland: A life-course study about retirement timing" (with Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Jean-Marie Le Goff and Francesco Laganà); Rainer Gabriel "After the silent revolution: Poverty amongst the elderly population in Switzerland 1979" (with Michel Oris); and Julia Henke "Inequality in Quality of Life among the Swiss Elderly: A Multidimensional Approach".

Workshop (D12) looking at "Practice, Reflexivity, Identity and Inequality" will present a new presentation by Laurence Bachmann: "Transformer le genre par un travail réflexif. Le cas des hommes ‘progressistes’ de la baie de San Francisco".

Finally, at workshop (D14), dealing with "Elites in Times of Crisis" and organized by Pedro Araujo and Felix Bühlmann, the latter will present "European Business Elites: Convergence through internationalization?" (with Eric Davoine and Claudio Ravasi); André Mach will present "D’une globalisation à l’autre: Transformations du profil des élites économiques suisses dans la longue durée (1910-2010)" (with Thomas David and Stéphanie Ginalski); and Pedro Araujo will trace "The reconfiguration of elites in the Swiss banking field (1980-2010)".