Job Insecurity: a challenge or hindrance stressor? by Prof. Hans De Witte

Prof. dr. Hans De Witte, from Research Group Work, Organisational & Personnel Psychology, Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium, will give this conference about job insecurity, organized by LIVES. Job insecurity refers to subjective concerns about the continued existence of the actual job, alternatively defined as the perceived threat of job loss and the worries related to that threat. In this lecture, a short overview of job insecurity research will be presented, focussed on some of the ‘popular assumptions’ in media and consultancy nowadays: that job insecurity motivates employees (e.g. it constitutes a challenge) rather than being a factor that demotivates (e.g. a ‘hindrance’).

  • Where: Université de Lausanne, Géopolis, salle 5799, CH-1015 Lausanne
  • When: 12 October 2018, from 16h00 to 17h15
  • Organisation : Dr. Ieva Urbanaviciute and Prof. Jérôme Rossier
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