Laura Bernardi, nommée présidente du Conseil scientifique de l'INED

Congratulations on Laura Bernardi, appointed president of the Scientific Council of INED

Prof. Laura Bernardi presides for the first time the Scientific Council of INED today in Paris.

Today Prof. Laura Bernardi, Professor of Sociology and Demography at UNIL, who directs the CCI1 and is member of IP201 and IP208 of NCCR LIVES, presides for the first time the meeting of the Scientific Council of INED (Institut national d’études démographiques) in Paris, of which she was already a member.

The Scientific Council is composed of representatives of statistics and survey organizations and of specialists from outside INED as Laura Bernardi, "chosen for their expertise in the field of population or another demography-related discipline". Its mission is to evaluate the Institute’s scientific orientations and to provide advisory opinions on any policy concerning scientific activity or recruitment profiles for new researchers.

The Institute’s overall missions are to study all aspects of population, to provide training in and through research, to keep the government, public authorities and general public informed about demographic questions and to disseminate French demographic research internationally.

Congratulations on this nomination!