6 LIVES members express themselves on poverty

6 LIVES members express themselves on poverty

The proceedings of the conference "Perspectives on poverty", which was held in Lausanne in fall 2010, have just been published (in French) and were presented at the Geneva 2012 Book Fair.

Under the direction of Professors Jean-Pierre Tabin, involved in the NCCR LIVES IP5, and François-Xavier Merrien, "Perspectives on Poverty" brings together contributions from scientists, heads of administration and politicians.

The symposium was organized by the Department of Health and Social Welfare of the Canton of Vaud, the University of Lausanne, the School of Social Work and Health - EESP and the IDHEAP (Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration).

Among the authors, we find Giuliano Bonoli, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Dominique Joye, Dario Spini and Robin Tillmann, who have in the meantime become members of the

National Center of Competence in Research LIVES, "Overcoming Vulnerability, Life Course Perspective".

More info on the State of Vaud's website